Mobile Science Labs

About Our Mobile Science Labs


The Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation’s Mobile Science Lab Program teaches elementary students in Maryland the importance of agriculture in their everyday lives.  

Each of our three themed labs feature a wide variety of 50-minute experiments and investigations as well as 25-minute mini-lessons based in agriculture.  These are all aligned with NGSS, Environmental Literacy Standards, Science & Engineering Practices, and CCSS. 

Grants may be available to your school; please ask when booking. They are typically first-come, first-served, so book now!

Contact Diana Tyler at or 410-939-9030 for more information or to reserve a lab for your school.


** The Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation (MAEF) recognizes the importance of good sanitation practices in protecting the health of students in our mobile labs and guests in our showcases.

Per the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control, MAEF attendants and teachers use bleach-based disposable wipes and cleaners to sanitize our showcases and labs. When possible, teachers wipe down high-touch areas in labs between classes. Labs are cleaned daily and deep cleaned at the end of every week to deliver a fresh lab to the next school.

Showcases are wiped down daily and thoroughly cleaned between events.

MAEF regularly reminds our staff to follow our cleaning protocols closely, wash their hands often, stay home when sick, and dispense hand sanitizer to students when they arrive at the lab and before they leave.

We work closely with our schools and school districts as well as the events we attend to maintain a safe and healthy environment within our labs and showcases for our employees and guests.

For schools booking the mobile science labs:

Vocabulary for All Full-Length Lab Lessons



What does a lab visit look like?



How Does the Mobile Science Lab Work?


Schools choose one of our three mobile science labs:

–  Our Ag Products lab with investigations featuring the products and processes that come from agriculture

–  Our Food, Fiber and You lab with investigations of the food we eat and what goes into growing it

–  Our Aquatic lab with investigations on the relationship between water and agriculture

Ahead of the visit, hands-on investigations are selected by the school’s teachers from one of our three themed labs above.  Up to five classes in grades 3-5 can visit each day for a 50 minute hands-on investigation. Other classes (grades K-5) can visit for a 25 minute mini-lesson. Scheduling is flexible depending on the needs and size of the school.

Consider us an in-school field trip for the whole school!  Our lab will visit schools for an entire week and one of our qualified MAEF teachers will lead students in hands-on investigations. 

Don’t forget to ask about available grants!

Contact Diana Tyler at or 410-939-9030 for more information or to reserve a lab for your school.


What Teachers Are Saying About Our Labs…

·   “This is something that we would not have been able to do in the classroom. It’s relevant to their real-world experiences. Both enriching and interesting.”

·   “Students were interested and engaged.  Wish it could be here longer.”

·   “Students loved being scientists, offering higher-level thinking.”

·   “Encourages collaboration with peers and required close examination of a problem to find a solution.”