High School & Post-Secondary Education

A sequence of courses makes up the high school and post secondary agricultural education programs throughout Maryland and the entire nation. Programs currently exist in approximately 40 high schools, several community colleges, and the University of Maryland, College Park, and University of Maryland, Eastern Shore.

For information on high school and/or post secondary programs, see respective tabs or contact Terrie Shank, Assistant Director, at 301-663-4192, email tshank@maefonline.com

The secondary/post secondary staff work is divided into four major categories – namely program development, professional development, program information and records, and teacher recruitment and retention. Within each category are listed activities that staff works on annually.

Agriculture Education Programs in Maryland



Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation’s Announcement for 2019 Urban Youth Garden Grants as part of Ag Returns to the City Program and the Edible Classroom 

Objective of Project

The goal of the Edible Classroom Youth Gardening Project is to increase the awareness of and appreciation for agriculture in the lives of urban students through hands-on gardening and classroom activities that meet MSDE’s State Curriculum. By implementing MAEF’s mission, this project offers students direct experience with growing, harvesting and preparing fresh foods while learning plant requirements, growing conditions, nutrition and wellness. 


Elementary and Secondary Teachers and Youth Educators working in Urban Areas 

Grant Information

Two types of grants are available. The first grant is for NEW GARDENS and is awarded up to $500. The second grant is for EXISTING GARDENS and is awarded up to $250. Deadline for grant application is March 8, 2019. Send application materials to MAEF, P.O. Box 536, Havre de Grace, MD 21078. Funding awards will be announced by April 8, 2019. Call the MAEF Office with questions or comments (410) 939-9030. Ask for George.

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Professional Development



Creating Equitable and Responsive School Culture Professional Development Video Series Pt. 1 & 2



CRT Video Resources

CRT Lesson Plan Descriptors

CRT Lesson Planning Evidence Sheet

CRT Teacher Assessment



Dr. Roger Cleveland Workshop


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