Educational Programs

Ag Literacy Program 2016

Maryland Agriculture Lesson Plan 2016

Introductory Lesson – The Cow in Patrick O’Shanahan’s Kitchen

Learning about Chickens

Learning about Chickens –web, true/false questions, article/questions
Chicken Anatomy - worksheet
From Farm to Table - Eggs (student newspaper)

Learning about Dairy Cows

Learning about Dairy Cows – web, true/false questions, article/questions
A Holstein Dairy Cow – worksheet
From Farm to Table – Cows-Milk-Cream-Butter (student newspaper)

Learning about Maple Syrup

Learning about Maple Syrup – web, true/false questions, article/questions
Maple Weather - worksheet
Youtube video of maple syrup process (2.37 minutes)
Maple Syrup Poster
A Legend about How Maple Syrup Was First Made

Ag Literacy Program 2015

Selected book: AMAZING! Maryland Agriculture by Kimberly Baker, Karl Kidd, and Jeanne Meuller

Click here for lessons and activities:

Lessons to accompany book & Take Me Out to the Cornfield DVD (DVD included in book)
Farm & Harvest Connections to Amazing! Maryland Agriculture (on DVD in book)
Common Core Connections
Magazines, websites and books for student research


Ag Literacy Program 2014

Selected book: What's In The Garden?

Click here for lessons and activities:

Click here for the 2014 Ag Literacy Program Lesson Plans
What's in the Garden Riddle Work Sheet
Sort the Vegetables Work Sheet
Make Your Own Plant Part Salad Work Sheet
Pollinators or Pests Work Sheet
Be a Rainbow Eater Work Sheet
Is it a Fruit or Vegetable Work Sheet

Ag Literacy Program 2013

Selected book: CORN by Gail Gibbons

Click here for lessons and activities:

Invitation to Participate
Corn AG Literacy Lesson Plan
Corn Questions
Corn Word Grid with Categories
Corn Word Grid without Categories
Corn Bookmark
Ag-Mazing Newspaper – Sweet Corn and Field Corn

Ag Literacy Program 2012

Selected book: Clarabelle – Making Milk and So Much More by Cris Peterson

Click here for lessons and activities:

Clarabelle – Making Milk and So Much More Lesson Plan
Clarabelle's Numbers
Clarabelle's Numbers (Worksheet)
Clarabelle's Word Grid
Beef Cow or Dairy Cow
Ag News Links to Agriculture Cream to Butter

Ag Literacy Program 2011

Selected book: Seed, Soil and Sun – a recipe for Earth’s Food by Cris Peterson

Click here for lessons and activities:

Seed, Soil, and Sun Lesson Plan
Seed, Soil, and Sun Bookmark








MAEF's Elementary Program consists of the following:

Ag in the Classroom
Join us for an exciting week. Hands on learning... Resources galore... Field trips... So much fun!




Ag Literacy
Each year, volunteers visit elementary schools to read an agriculturally themed book to students in grade k-4. The volunteer share ways agriculture impacts the daily lives of students, then donates the book to the school's media center.



Mobile Science Labs
The Mobile Science Labs will be traveling to schools throughout the academic year! Keep checking the schedule below for a Mobile Science Lab in your area!




Ag in 10 Minutes a Day
Ag in 10 minutes a day provides teachers the oppotunity to prepare students for the MSA. Students practice their test taking skills using an article that provides a reading piece about agriculture followed by questions to be answered.






Ag-Mazing News
Read Our Recent News
Check out these student friendly mini newspapers with agricultural themes that include articles with follow up questions and other curriculum related activities!



Calendar Poster Contest
Submit your poster sharing what you know about Maryland Agriculture.



Ag Resources
Links that MAEF often uses.



Ag Returns to the City
MAEF's Urban Programs