MD Ag Showcase

Filled with colorful displays and interactive exhibits, the Maryland Agriculture Showcase travel to fairs, festivals, and events across the state. The Showcase attracts and educates visitors about the importance of agriculture in their lives. Attendants help kids with hand on activities out the Showcase adding to the experience. Exhibits highlight Maryland’s many commodities; poultry, nursery & greenhouse, dairy, corn, soybeans, and much more!

Hands on activities set up outside the unit provide an additional venue for visitor participation. Give your guests the opportunity to “milk a cow”, try out the fruit and veggie riddle boxes, explore life in the soil, measure their height in “horse hands” and more.

To book the Showcase for one or more days, contact Diana Tyler at or 410-939-9030.

This popular attraction is underwritten in part by revenues from the Maryland Ag Tag and by fees charged to help recover the cost of hauling.


“Agriculture on the Moo-ve” is an alternative to the Maryland Agriculture Showcase for fair and festival events. Exciting hands-on tabletop activities are managed by a MAEF staff member. These activities promote the importance of agriculture in a stimulating way!

Samples of possible activities include:

  1. Make Your Own “Down on the Farm” Riddle Bookmark – Children answer several farm related riddles and then find the farm “foamie” to answer the riddles as they complete a Down on the Farm bookmark.
  2. Make Your Own Bookmark – Children stamp, color and trim a bookmark with a trivia fact about one of Maryland’s commodities. Choices include poultry, nursery, dairy, sheep, pigs, and honey bees.
  3. Farm Animal Puppets – Using paper lunch bags, children get to make their own puppet and share some interesting animal facts.
  4. Farm Animal Hand Fan – Children can color cheerful farm animals and attach a craft stick to create a hand fan and stay cool while at your event.
  5. Life Cycle of a Pumpkin – This kid friendly book when completed shows the complete life cycle of a pumpkin from seed to fruit.