Jobs at MAEF

Maryland Agriculture Showcase Attendant

MAEF is seeking qualified individuals to serve as attendants on the very popular “Amazing! Maryland Agriculture Showcase. The Showcase travels to fairs, festivals, and events throughout Maryland. Attendants are needed for all regions of Maryland including Western, Central, Southern, Upper Shore and Lower Shore.  For a complete job description please see the attached announcement below.  Applications for the 2020 season are being accepted now.

MAEF Showcase Employment Announcement 1 2020


MAEF Mobile Science Lab Teachers – State-wide!

MAEF is seeking qualified educators to teach on their mobile science labs.  The labs travel to elementary schools throughout the state of Maryland to teach students the importance of agriculture in their everyday lives. Lab teachers lead K-5 students in hands-on scientific investigations and experiments.  Work is flexible and part-time with an established curriculum.  Applications for the 2020-2021 school year are being accepted now.

Mobile Lab Teacher Ad 2020